about us As of 2019, the Fantasy Filmfest (and its additional events Fantasy Filmfest White Nights and Fantasy Filmfest Nights) is run by the team of festival founder Rainer Stefan and his long-time co-workers Artur Brzozowski and Frederike Dellert.

The trio of passionate genre lovers is looking forward to many more exciting festival years with great films, guests and highlights!


Ein Team aus freien Mitarbeitern trägt maßgeblich zur Festivalgestaltung bei:


Maximilian Krumm (Advertising Cinema & Home Entertainment)


Martin Grüter (Advertising Games & Branded Company)


Finn Delius & Fred Delius (Design & Art Directors)


Jonas Link (Content Management & Local Assistance)


Dominik Geppert (Online Media & Local Assistance)


Katharina Stumm (Copy-Editing, Local Assistance)


Matthias Strunz (Local Assistance)


Sven Plog (Local Assistance)


Matthias Engelhardt (Local Assistance)


Dagmar Bruessau (Local Assistance)

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