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dear film friends,


Warner Bros. Discovery, together with Tele5 is the main sponsor and award sponsor of this years edition of Fantasy Filmfest.

More than anything else, TELE 5 looks beyond the Hollywood horizon and presents previously undiscovered film gems from around the world. The No. 1 feature film channel, with the most films ever, is part of Fantasy Filmfest this year as the main sponsor as well as the namesake of the TELE 5 FRESH BLOOD AWARD.

Together, TELE 5 and Fantasy Filmfest are thus giving new talents a stage and strengthening new, exciting voices in cinema.

We are looking forward to our renewed collaboration!

Fear Fact

»For the 20th anniversary, the public competition "Fresh Blood" was launched, the first film to win it was BRICK. Thank you to the Fantasy Filmfest audience and their great taste, which they prove again and again every year!«

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