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With great films, great guests and great highlights, this trio of passionate genre lovers is looking forward to many more exciting festival years!


A team of freelancers significantly contributes to the creation of the festival:


Maximilian Krumm (Advertising Cinema & Home Entertainment)


Martin Grüter (Advertising Games & Branded Company)


Finn Delius & Fred Delius (Design & Art Directors)
Pascal Nembach (Design & Event Photography)


Jonas Link (Festivalmanagement & Web Administrator)


Dominik Geppert (Online Media & Local Assistance)


Teresa Vena (Copy-Editing)


Matthias Strunz (Local Assistance)


Sven Plog (Local Assistance)


Matthias Engelhardt (Local Assistance)


Dagmar Bruessau (Local Assistance)


Julian Benz (Local Assistance)

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