get shorty These 10 shorts fight for your vote in our short film competition.
The Short Film Award is presented and sponsored by and comes with a prize money of 2.000 Euros which goes to the director.

2022 – winner

tank fairy

Erich Rettstadt Headshot 2, Photo Credit - Beven Lan

erich rettstadt


The Get Shorty Award 2022, endowed with 2000€ by our partner Filmstarts, goes to the pop fairy comedy TANK FAIRY from Taiwan, directed by Erich Rettstadt.

This year’s GET SHORTY selection features serial killers and ghosts, talking horses and stones, radical relationship ideas and musical showpieces including a dancing drag fairy and The xx’s Oliver Sim. The following 10 shorts compete for your vote in the short film competition.



Following the viewing of a strange video, a young woman becomes dangerously obsessed by the ASMR phenomenon, to the great displeasure of her roommates.


director Maxime S. Girard

produktionsland & jahr Kanada 2022

lauflänge 12 min

language french original version with english subtitles



A luxury trip on a cruise ship, free of charge? Surely there’s a catch.


director Sam Rudykoff

produktionsland & jahr Canada 2022

lauflänge 7 min

language english original version



Love has died in the future, couples are determined by a lottery, anguish included.


director Haukur Björgvinsson

produktionsland & jahr Iceland 2021

lauflänge 15 min

language icelandic original version with english subtitles



A surreal musical interlude starring The xx’s Oliver Sim.


director Yann Gonzalez

produktionsland & jahr UK 2022

lauflänge 22 min

language english original version

horse brothers


Two paranoid brothers and a talking horse voiced by cult director Guy Maddin.



director Milos Mitrovic, Fabian Velasco

produktionsland & jahr USA 2022

lauflänge 9 min

language english original version

not another serial killer


Millenial Tessa always attracts the same kind of guys – serial killers!




director Angela Hanna Goulene, Alessandro Russotti

produktionsland & jahr Canada 2021

lauflänge 9 min

language english original version

the rock of ages


A warrior is promised immortality by a talking stone.


director Eron Sheean

produktionsland & jahr Iceland 2021

lauflänge 15 min

language english original version



Try to escape the magical sounds of this instrument.


director Tarun Thind

produktionsland & jahr UK 2022

lauflänge 7 min

language without dialogue

tank fairy


Once upon a time there was a tank fairy, the glittery godmother you didn’t know you needed.



director Erich Rettstadt

produktionsland & jahr Taiwan 2021

lauflänge 10 min

language chinese original version with english subtitles

under the ice


Edur has lost his father, now an uncanny presence haunts his dreams.


director Alvaro Rodriguez Areny

produktionsland & jahr Spain 2021

lauflänge 16 min

language spanish original version with english subtitles

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