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2023 – winner

wild summon

karni arieli & saul freed


Our audiences have decided; WILD SUMMON (UK, 2023) received the most votes in all seven festival cities. Directors Karni Arieli and Saul Freed will receive a cash prize of €2,000, kindly donated by our partner Filmstarts. Congratulations Karni and Saul!

Ready yourself for a new exciting edition of GET SHORTY with fearless grannies, untamable horror-hair, even less untamable killer lapdogs, a dislocated moon, stunning musical interludes and even a German splatter. The following 10 shorts compete for your vote in the short film competition this year.

a folded ocean


A couple – the two are so in love that they dream to be one. But what if this happens literally? A bizarre body horror trip unfolds.


director Benjamin Brewer

production country & year USA 2023

running time 13 min

language english original version

claudio’s song


Two thugs want to extort money from an Internet star. When things go wrong, Claudio has one last wish. A short comedy about the hope of remaining unforgotten.


director Andreas Nilsson

production country & year UK, Ukraine 2022

running time 9 min

language english, french, russian original version with english subtitles



The old ones have to stick together! A granny defeats death with her walker. However with considerable collateral damages!


director Idan Gilboa

production country & year Israel 2023

running time 13 min

language hebrew, english original version with english subtitles



A hair in the soup is bad enough, but a hair in the eye? Our young protagonist grabs the scissors – but with little success.



director Javier Devitt

production country & year Argentina, USA 2023

running time 8 min

language english original version

foreigners only


In his home country Bangladesh, foreigners usually are privileged. A man who deals in tanned skins has had enough and resorts to drastic measures.


director Nuhash Humayun

production country & year Bangladesh 2023

running time 15 min

language bengali original version with english subtitles

good boy


The job as dog sitter becomes a real tour de force. But it was somehow clear that something must be wrong with the lap dog, considering the panic-stricken departure of the pet owners.


director Eros V

production country & year UK 2022

running time 9 min

language english original version

sucks to be the moon


How ungrateful to constantly stand in the shadow of the all beloved sun – the moon knows it best. Without further ado, he sets off into the infinite expanse of space.


director Tyler March, Eric Paperth

production country & year USA 2022

running time 11 min

language english original version

summer‘ 94


Three friends are making the most of the first day of their summer vacation. While searching for the perfect spot for their treehouse, they come across a deserted creepy building in the forest.


director Basti Schwarz, Oliver Schwarz

production country & year Germany 2022

running time 15 min

language german original version with english subtitles



A couple's cosy horror films evening gets out of control, when they hear in the news about a brutal murder that happened in the city.



director Connor Pickens

production country & year USA 2023

running time 9 min

language english original version

wild summon


A nature fantasy documentary film, following the dramatic lifecycle of the wild salmon in human form, narrated by Marianne Faithfull.


director Karni Arieli, Saul Freed

production country & year UK 2023

running time 14 min

language english original version

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2022 – winner

tank fairy

Erich Rettstadt Headshot 2, Photo Credit - Beven Lan

erich rettstadt


The Get Shorty Award 2022, endowed with 2000€ by our partner Filmstarts, goes to the pop fairy comedy TANK FAIRY from Taiwan, directed by Erich Rettstadt.

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