fantasy filmfest 2021

fantasy filmfest

Here are the new dates for the 35th fantasy filmfest.

dear film friends,


as genre fans we are of course looking forward to Denis Villeneuve's DUNE adaptation, to SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS, and for the new Bond the world has had to wait a long time too.


The downside of these blockbuster releases, however, is that the battered industry will bring them all to the cinemas soon and we will therefore not get any venues for September. We kept hoping that one of these three mega-productions would be postponed to October.


This is probably not the case now, and we are forced to make alternative arrangements. We are really sorry for the resulting festival postponement, but it is due to the backlog of numerous films. Thank you for your understanding!


On the other hand, we have always flirted with a date for the Fantasy Filmfest around Halloween. That's when you really get into a spooky mood, the days are getting shorter and the beer garden weather is over. So that actually feels great. We hope you'll join us!


These are the new dates:


Fear Fact

»In 1999, the annual short film reel GET SHORTY was launched.«

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