Year after year Fantasy Filmfest tours all over Germany to bring its unique mix of genre films to an audience that has little other chance to see their favorite kinds of film on the big screen. Pairing intense horror films with breathtaking thrillers, obscure science-fiction tales and heartfelt dramas, Fantasy Filmfest remains THE alternative to superhero heavy mainstream cinema. At Fantasy Filmfest, fantasy does not mean dragons, elves and magical forests, but stands for creativity, innovation and absurdity. Fantasy Filmfest celebrates the oddball, the obnoxious and the challenging with its program of bold and striking films that simply are fantastic. It features all those quiet, loud and quirky nuances that are often overlooked by the profit-oriented film industry. Full of (fake) blood, sweat and tears, Fantasy Filmfest simply delivers what its slogan promises: FEAR GOOD MOVIES.