Fantasy Filmfest 2020

Every year the Fantasy Filmfest tours through Germany and offers its audience a unique mix of genre films that cannot be found anywhere else on German screens. With a programme of breathless thrillers, obscure scifi reveries, brutal horror shockers and soulful arthouse gems, Fantasy Filmfest has been THE alternative to superhero uniformity in mainstream cinema for over 30 years. Fantasy here does not mean dragons, fairies and enchanted forests, but imagination, oddity and innovation. Films that cross boundaries, that are striking, demanding and overwhelming, films that break conventions or provoke, and above all, films that are simply fantastic. From A like arthouse anthology to Z like zombie slasher, the Fantasy Filmfest welcomes all those soft, loud and shrill voices that are mostly drowned out elsewhere. With a lot of passion (and fake blood!), Fantasy Filmfest delivers on its promise:






» At the gore night of the 1988 Fantasy Filmfest in Hamburg, local cult band "Angeschissen" performed. «

» On the occasion of the 10th anniversary, a "Best of Fantasy Filmfest" series was screened with 10 films, including LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS and BRAINDEAD. Good mix! «

» In 1999, the annual short film reel GET SHORTY was launched. «

» In retrospect almost incomprehensible: hour-long discussions by the selection team whether DONNIE DARKO has enough genre elements to fit in with the festival. «

» Before the Berlin screening of vampire thriller THIRST, the audience serenaded festival guest and director Park Chan-wook on his birthday. «

» For the 20th anniversary, the public competition "Fresh Blood" was launched, the first film to win it was BRICK. Thank you to the Fantasy Filmfest audience and their great taste, which they prove again and again every year! «

» The struggle to show HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES at the festival lasted about two years. The film was considered to be non-marketable due to its brutality. Today, that would be a part of its marketing campaign. «

» The festival pass for 4 days cost 90 DM in 1988, the single ticket 8 DM. «