A limited supply of festival passes for admission to all screenings is also available for the Fantasy Filmfest WHITE NIGHTS.


Festival passes for Fantasy Filmfest WHITE NIGHTS are sold out!





Movie buffs and festival fans, who wish to order a festival pass, please proceed as described below; You may either transfer the due amount to our account and simultaneously send us your photo by mail or as a jpg file by email (with ‘FESTIVAL PASS WHITE NIGHTS’ and desired city in the subject line & your postal address in the body text), or alternatively send us a crossed cheque with your photo by surface mail. Not until we have received both the bank transfer confirmation and your photo, your festival pass order is considered complete and you will receive a written confirmation.


We are sorry to say that no reservations are possible; festival passes are issued on a first come/first serve basis.




Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018


Provided that passes are still available at this time. Due to the limited supply and immense popularity of festival passes, we highly recommend checking their availability in the city of your choice on this website before placing an order. The following basically applies: As long as you have not received a written rejection from us, and the money has not been refunded to your account, you may safely assume that your order has gone through.


Hand Out

Festival passes may be picked up upon presentation of our written confirmation at the box office or festival counter in the venue of your choice, beginning approx. one hour before the first screening.


The return or cancellation of an ordered festival pass is not possible.




Please direct all mail to our Munich office.



Rosebud Entertainment

Andreas Bernauer

Herzog-Wilhelm-Str. 27

80331 München



Bank details:

Privatbank Donner & Reuschel

RECIPIENT: Rosebud Entertainment

IBAN: DE60 200 303 00 028 258 55 00





In order to reduce possible sources of error, please observe the following when ordering your festival pass:




It goes without saying that you need to be at least 18 years of age to attend the festival screenings. If you have ever had any previous experience with having to certify your legal age due to youthful appearance, we highly recommend attaching a copy of your ID card or passport with your order for speedier processing.