AustraliA/ColOmbiA 2017 / 115 min / english OV

Director's Spotlght


Bolivia, 1981. On his trip through South America, young globetrotter Yossi meets the two like-minded adventurers Kevin and Marcus. From strangers to friends, the three travel deep to the heart of the green continent. A chance meeting finally sends them on an expedition to still undiscovered parts of the sheer endless rainforest where things take a sudden dramatic turn for the worse. The ordeals of the hike take larger tolls on Marcus than expected and the raft ride on the seemingly calm river becomes a hell-ride through whirls and rocks. However, for Yossi’s unpleasantly skin-crawling survival trip through the green hell, this is only the beginning.


For his adaptation of the bestselling novel JUNGLE, Australian directorial talent Greg McLean once again plunges tourists into hostile surroundings. As in his WOLF CREEK movies he masterfully lets the ever-present deadly threat rise beyond measure.


After his work in IMPERIUM and SWISS ARMY MAN, Fantasy Filmfest regular Daniel Radcliffe is back with another demanding performance. In exceptional circumstances, challenged by an array of creatures, swamp holes and a reliably spot-on Thomas Kretschmann (KING KONG), he is making sure JUNGLE also astounds as an acting tour de force.








Greg McLean


Daniel Radcliffe, Thomas Kretschmann, Alex Russell, Joel Jackson, Yasmin Kassim, Lily Sullivan


Justin Monjo, Yossi Ghinsberg (Buchvorlage)


Todd Fellman, Mike Gabrawy, Gary Hamilton


Splendid Film


MÜNCHEN – 11 Sep / 20.30 Uhr
HAMBURG – 11 Sep / 18.30 Uhr
STUTTGART – 11 Sep / 18.30 Uhr
BERLIN – 23 Sep / 18.30 Uhr
FRANKFURT – 23 Sep / 18.30 Uhr
KÖLN – 29 Sep / 18.00 Uhr
NÜRNBERG – 26 Sep / 20.30 Uhr